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Guarantee more sales and fewer
cancellations by training now!”

Smart, successful owners and operators understand that properly trained and managed sales people make more sales…even in tough times. I’ve proven it, talked about it in webinars, tried to spread the word!

To make more, high ticket sales, the kind of sales that result in fewer cancellations and greater lifetime values, a little up front training and attention to how the sales process is managed, makes good business sense. In fact, if you act now, the improvements I can help you make will more than cover any up-front training expenses.

I will train your people, to deliver greater bottom line profit 100% of the time. For details, contact me today.

Don’t wait. Future sales improvements are the result of training now!

Growing Your Business Through Organizational Effectiveness

Desire, Prepartion, Talent/Ability, Discipline

Great organizations:

  • Hire effectively
  • Train continually
  • Follow up consistently
  • Coach enthusiastically

Your people make the difference!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent 1000s of hours working with managers in successful, small to mid-sized companies.  Through individual and company wide training, I have grown their businesses – profitably.

Through personal and company wide training efforts, I helped them grow their businesses— profitably.

Note that last word: PROFITABLY. Growing revenues is one thing. Increasing profits as a percent of those revenues is quite another and requires a different, more broad-based approach.

Today, as a private consultant, I use my experience to help you transition your small business to a mid-sized or larger enterprise and show you how to increase profits at the same time.

People and effective leadership are my specialties.
I emphasize this for one important reason: I’ve seen more businesses fail because of poor organization and poor leadership than for any other reasons. A strong statement, you bet! And it’s a fact.

Constructing a basic operating budget is not that tough and marketing knowhow is readily available. But organizing and leading people… that's not so simple. This is where I can help you overcome specific stumbling blocks that may be holding you back. By focusing on the specifics of your company, I can provide that different point of view so valuable in recognizing where problems lie and make positive, down-to-earth recommendations you can actually use.

As my client, you’ll find I offer a truly different consulting experience. After an initial review of your budget and marketing plans, I’ll focus on the specifics of your organization, in particular the people. I'll ask pertinent questions that reveal the underlying processes at work— processes you may not even realize exist. Then I'll formulate a step-by-step plan of action and show you how you can track your results.

Here are a few questions I'll ask:

  • Have you defined your specific business goals?
  • Are you maximizing the bottom line or settling for one dollar more than last year?
  • How effective is your organization today?  Have you lost good people?
  • Are you struggling to build a management team for the future?

To maximize profitable growth, the human resource will be your key resource.

If you need help, contact me now for details on how we can work together to maximize your profitable growth through people. Of course, referrals are happily provided.

My organizational effectiveness consulting process:

  • Initial phone call to identify wants/needs from your perspective.
  • Client input forms are completed, giving me an advance look at your organization, its strengths and weaknesses and an overview of your supervisors.
  • A one-two day visit is scheduled [depending on the scope of the project].
  • Based on your individual company needs, I carry out a combination of on-site individual evaluation interviews with your present, and high-potential future supervisors, then provide any initial and appropriate leadership/coaching training.
  • After a final senior management/ownership feedback session at the conclusion of the visit, I provide a summary of action recommendations and a practical, minimum risk/maximum impact process for initiating recommended change.
  • After a final Senior Management or Ownership feedback session at the end of my visit, a recommended Summary of Action will be presented along with an assessment of minimum risks and maximum impact likely to result in implementing my recommended changes. 

Contact me today about your training requirements.

Bill Hoopes

Whether you've been in the Green Industry business for years or are just starting out in your lawn care career, there's one person you probably have heard about: Bill Hoopes.

Bill is one of the founding fathers of today's modern lawn care industry and is responsible for training more top line turf managers and lawn care business owners than just about anyone else in the Green Industry.

Today, Bill Hoopes is leading the way for the next generation of lawn care managers and technicians with his regional and private workshops training sessions, private seminars and consultation work.

These quality and informative training programs are designed to get right to the point without a lot of unnecessary material. These training programs focus on the important meat of the lawn care industry and not all the window dressing you may have witnessed in other so-called training programs.

If you want the best in qualified lawn and turf care management, or are interested in ways of making your lawn care staff more efficient working with homeowner prospects and lawn customers, consider attending a Grass Roots Training Program. Please call for current schedule and pricing. 

Bill Hoopes applies over 20 years of lawn service experience to the training and development of growing small businesses in the service industry.

GrassRoots Training support is now available to provide private consulting and focused 1-day workshops in these major areas:

  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • Coaching and corrective action
  • Delivering exceptional customer service
  • Sales training and management
  • Safety and compliance program establishment and review
  • Leadership and inspirational conference and 'key note' presentations
  • New hire training program development
  • Read reprint from Lawn&Landscape:
  • "10 Reasons They Won't Work for You"