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Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance Training

This workshop is designed to meet the specific requests of many lawn service operators. The need is clear: too many confusing and changing federal and local regulations with which your company must comply.

The Safety and Compliance Workshop focuses on the most important regulations controlling the Green Industry. You will review OSHA regulations (designed to keep your people safe in the pesticide application business), EPA requirement (related to chemical releases and spill reporting) and the DOT (regulators of all commercial vehicles).

While we won't cover ALL regulations, we will help you focus on those regulations that potentially impact your business most often. We'll even go through the process you will follow if and when you are visited by an OSHA inspector! Are you prepared now? Most lawn care managers are not and will benefit greatly from this ground level workshop that will set you straight on what requirements are important to you and how to meet them.

A real bonus is the customized and new Safety/Compliance Manual each participant will receive. No, you won't be expected to read it! But starting the day after the workshop, you will have a handy and easy to use reference for all major regulatory requirements. And, during the workshop, you will have the opportunity to discuss state and local regulations with other operators just like you. Often, this open exchange of techniques and ideas for meeting regulatory requirements is the most enjoyable part of the workshop.

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