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Learn Hands-on Coaching Techniques

Coaching and corrective action for lawn care managers to help them reduce employee turn-over.

Learn the simple and effective five-step process anyone can use to improve hands-on coaching in the field or office. This workshop will help you coach your lawn care people more effectively—starting on day one!

In this program you'll learn five easy to use, but vital coaching steps, including learning the valuable training tool of role playing by going through each step in character, in this valuable workshop.

Improving your effectiveness as a hands-on coach may be the single most important lawn care management tool in your arsenal of management job skills. You simply cannot afford NOT to be an effective coach. If you don't understand why or how to make it happen, this workshop will measurably help you and show immediate results.

How to avoid poor performance

At the workshop, you will also learn how to address poor performance that often results from poor hiring decisions. Can you honestly say that you effectively save poor performers? For most managers, the answer is sadly no. We often blame employees for their performance problems. But who gave them that job? Who trained the new hire and communicated expectations and standards? Who was there to make sure each new employee got off to a successful start? When these issues lead to poor performance, the employee is typically fired or quits, just when you need them most.

This workshop will equip you to use the principles of positive discipline and proven performance management techniques to save more of the people you are currently losing. And the techniques are useable by anyone. You don't have to become a shrink to succeed with people!

Remember, people quit managers, not companies! Don't let it happen to you.

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