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Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

Managing the sales process - It's the same every spring: time to run leads and make sales, and we aren't ready! This workshop takes managers through the sales planning and management process. You will learn the necessary contents of an effective sales plan and how to execute to the fullest potential.

In addition to sales planning, participants will learn how to develop and deliver basic sales training to new sales reps. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of and process for making more sales by closing higher.

Are you getting the most out of your labor force? If not, learn how to more effectively use your current staff to sell, in addition to newly hired sales reps.

Is your sales process generating 'conquests' or 'customers' ? Almost anyone can 'sell'... if selling is defined as persuading a prospect to say yes. But do the sales last?

Do your new sales cancel at too high a rate? Learn how to improve the quality of your sales... delivering higher revenue sales and greater 'life time value’ from each sale.

How you sell matters. And you control the process. Is it time to review and rethink your sales process?

At the workshop, we will spend time discussing the most effective way to manage your sales room. Who is in charge now? How effective is the daily routine? Is the sales room as upbeat and productive as you'd like? We'll cover it all.

  • A logical sales plan
  • An effective sales training process
  • Sales room management

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