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Customer Service

Customer Relations

Delivering exceptional customer service

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is one of the hottest management topics on business agendas today. Simply put, if you want your business to survive and grow to its full potential in our service industry, you must be on top of service delivery. And your company had better have a plan and process for managing the customer relationship.

Average service levels just don't cut it in today's world of higher customer expectations. You cannot afford to take customer relations for granted and still beat the competition.

This workshop is built to provide a basic beginning for improving customer service levels. You'll step back from the daily operational pressures and evaluate where you company stands. After the workshop, you'll leave with specific actions that you have decided are necessary to take specifically in YOUR company.

Workshop content will review the major areas of service delivery and outline the most important factors in creating exceptional service. We'll look at customer service as it applies to the whole customer-company relationship. What can be done better in the field? What is the quality of your CRM telephone skills? Are your people turning customers on, or turning them off? And what can you do to improve these skills? These questions and more will be answered with practical solutions, not pie-in-the-sky text book theories that don't work in the small business environment.

We believe measurable progress in improving customer relations in your business can be as simple as bring extra focus and attention to a few basics and those are the points we'll cover in our workshop.

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