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10 Reasons I Won't Work for You

Question: do you have too much turnover?
For most ‘green industry’ owners/managers, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Question: do you understand why turnover seems so high?
Many say, "there are just no more good workers." Do you believe that?

In this 90 minute, participative and lively presentation, you will get the facts about why so many managers struggle to keep dedicated people on staff. The presentation includes lots of audience participation and focuses on specific actions you can take now to keep more of the right people. You’ll learn why people quit and what to do about it.

You will leave this presentation armed with specific actions you can begin using in your company the day you return. And you’ll see results immediately!

You’ll get practical, useable action recommendations. Importantly, the ideas and actions recommended are easy for every manager to build into your operations..no psych degree required.

Past attendees remark at how big an impact they got from just a few basic changes in the way they manage people.

Reasons workers say “I won’t work for you” include:

  1. Not enough money. Do you believe this is valid?
  2. Not enough training. Is it a fact…or just an excuse?
  3. Not enough time off. Sound familiar? Believe it is really why they quit?
  4. No place to go. Can this honestly be the reason to quit?
  5. Unfair treatment. Face it, perception is reality…but can it be controlled?

    In 90 minutes, we’ll answer the above questions and much, much more! Why not book this upbeat and helpful presentation and see for yourself.


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