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Management Delegation Assessment

Management Delegation Aptitude Assessment

The following are some statements and questions that a lawn care manager needs to consider in evaluating their aptitude and the aptitude of their staff in relation to the delegation process. Following along will give a lawn care manager a better understanding of the problems the steps needed to make corrections so that the delegation process can be better utilized.

As a manager, which of the following statements about the delegation process do you agree or which you believe to be true?

  • If you want something done right, do it yourself.
  • By the time I finish teaching them to do it, I could have done it myself.
  • My staff couldn't do most of the things I do.
  • You have to stay on top of people every minute if you want them to finish the job.
  • If these people were as committed as I am, I wouldn't have to double check all their work.
  • When my boss gives me a job I do it myself so he/she won't have anything to complain about.
  • Between company procedures and job descriptions, trying to give people new responsibilities just isn't worth it.
  • We cannot afford mistakes around here so, when a person learns a job they should stick to it.
  • I really don't mind going over all this (delegated) work, checking it and even redoing it if necessary.
  • I consistently work longer hours than I should, all part of the job as I see it.
    Staff assessment
    Assess each of your staff members in the following areas:
  • Basic skills required to perform assigned tasks.
  • Individual work habits (fast/slow, accurate/sloppy, etc)
  • Individual preferences (likes/dislikes)
  • Intelligence and potential to grow
  • Desire to grow and develop

Exercise: Study each team member listed below in terms of the kinds of tasks you'd delegate or assign to each. Then complete the list of questions that follow these descriptions.

Team member descriptions:

Office Manager in third season of employment. Excellent IS skills, a bit withdrawn from the group beyond her two CSR's with whom she seems to be effective as a leader.

Second year Production Manager. Trustworthy and reliable associate. Not average intelligence and not necessarily creative. Has demonstrated reasonable and practical judgment in managing his crew of six lawn technicians.

First year Sales Representative. Outgoing, confident and a good performer in his first season. Wants to grow and has said so on several occasions. Not much experience beyond program sales for one spring.

Sixth year veteran Lawn Technician. Steady performer who really believes in our system, our service philosophy and demonstrates those beliefs in his daily work. Not an original thinker and not aggressive or growth oriented. Has been a trustworthy associate.

  1. Answer these questions about each associate above:
  2. What tasks would you delegate to this person?
  3. What tasks would you refrain from delegating to this person?
  4. What style of management would work best in following up on delegated task assignments.. 'Directive', detailed instructions with close and frequent 'hands-on' monitoring of daily activity or 'Supportive', broader task assignments with less detailed instruction and more individual flexibility to work alone with minimum 'hands-on' supervision.
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