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Bill Hoopes is the personification of non-stop energy. He is always willing to speak his mind and challenge people to think and make the best decision.

Bill Hoopes is a no nonsense type of guy. He asks tough questions that get managers to think the right way.

If you want a high energy trainer that will invigorate your managers and wake them up, then Bill Hoopes is your man. He is not a cheerleader, but a "get down and dirty" people person who is not afraid to challenge people so that they will put forth their best effort. Bill will help you get the results you desire.

Harold A. Enger
Assistant Director, Franchise Support
Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp

As a novice franchisee of the number one lawn service franchisor
in the country, we could not have done it without the help of Bill Hoopes. His knowledge and concern for the industry is unmatched and his enthusiasm is just contagious.

Todd Rubzin

Bill's leadership and guidance over the years have allowed me to be better at recruiting, retaining and improving the best staff possible. Bill's incredible enthusiasm and drive is a lasting motivation that helps me be the best I can be. I can truly say that without Bill's influence my company would not be as successful as it is today.

Jim Campanella
Lawn Dawg, Inc.

Bill Hoopes has an extraordinary combination of experience in the real world and creative energy for training. He engages people with humor and teaches skills that help them succeed. His track record speaks for itself. Bill Hoopes will help any group reach another level of performance and have fun along the way.

Phil Fogarty, Pres.
Weed Man, Cleveland

When I think about the ideal Green Industry Professional Trainer, Bill Hoopes is the picture that comes to mind. His always fun and humorous style of bringing hands-on, experience-filled training information to both management level and field level personnel alike is hard to beat. You can be confident that Bill's "been-there, done-that" industry knowledge will provide your company with a successful training plan and sound methods of execution for that plan. Regardless of your training needs, I would recommend Bill Hoopes highly as a sound step in developing well-trained personnel as the foundation for your Green Industry Company."

Chuck McIntire, former PLANET Vice President for Atlanta Operations and Business Development Manager

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