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Training Makes Sense

4 Reasons a Grass Roots Training Workshop makes good training and business sense!

1. Time sensitive approach - Service industry managers don't have time for extended training seminars. Grass Roots Training Workshops provide a manageable amount of practical, detailed training on specific, focused topics. Participants receive basic training in a variety of important job skills with take-away instructions and ideas every manager can use. No books to read, no theoretical mumbo-jumbo to sort through. Invest one day in learning, begin seeing improvements immediately!

2. Practical/targeted topics - Workshop topics address basic, universal needs. Topics focus on helping your managers effectively build and maintain productive, positive work teams.

All material is basic, practical and proven! Workshop topics available now include:

3. Easy to use ideas, proven successful in our industry - Not only are these GrassRoots Training Workshops filled with ideas, procedures and techniques you can use without a degree in business management or psychology, but workshop concepts HAVE PROVEN EFFECTIVE FOR OVER 20 YEARS.

Bill Hoopes is an active, informed green industry trainer with over 20 years experience working with small and medium sized Green Industry business managers just like you! He presents proven ideas that work. If they don't work, you won't hear them in a Grass Roots Training Workshop.

Check out theĀ Testimonial Comments from other successful green industry business managers both large and small. These folks know the business and what it takes to succeed, year after year. They and you can have complete confidence in Bill Hoopes and his practical approach to managing in the green industry.

4. It's Affordable - Most of all, as Bill puts it: "I can provide the greatest training and management ideas on the planet and, if the cost is not reasonable for the small business operator, nobody will listen, period".

Bill understands the demands on your bottom line. He grew up in a small, lawn service environment in which every dime mattered. Attending a GrassRoots Training Workshop will be a wise investment. And, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be to offer a workshop for your management team in your home town!

For specific cost details and workshop options, contact us now.

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