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How to Improve Recruiting Effectiveness

How to Improve Your Recruiting Effectiveness – A 60 Minute Presentation.

It’s peak season. When you can least afford it, a veteran employee quits…leaving you high and dry…and jeopardizing your ability to meet production goals and customer commitments. Your response….an ad in the classifieds. The result…few responses from the wrong people.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, you need to improve your process for acquiring people. Do you believe there are no good people out there? Do you wonder why other companies hire and retain staff, while you struggle?

This presentation is guaranteed to clear up the recruiting and hiring mystery, once and for all. Most companies use the wrong sources. Most are not effective interviewers. And too many owners and managers hire “warm bodies” because they are not effective.

In this presentation, I will show you how any business can, without reinventing the wheel, improve recruiting results. And, you’ll be glad to learn how, by hiring more of the right people, employee turnover will drop and productivity will grow!

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